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ChangeSet.h File Reference
#include "BeSQLite.h"

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struct  IByteArray
struct  SchemaChangeSet
struct  ChangeTracker
 When enabled, this class maintains a list of "changed rows" (inserts, updates and deletes) for a BeSQLite::Db. More...
struct  Changes
 An Iterator for a ChangeSet or a ChangeStream. More...
struct  Changes::Change
 A single change to a database row. More...
struct  ChangeGroup
struct  IChangeSet
struct  ChangeSet
 A set of changes to database rows. More...
struct  AbortOnConflictChangeSet
 A ChangeSet implementation for where conflicts are just not expected. More...
struct  ChangeStream
 A base class for a streaming version of the ChangeSet. More...


 The Bentley namespace contains types defined by the Bentley Library.


typedef IByteArray * IByteArrayP
typedef IByteArray & IByteArrayR
typedef IByteArray const * IByteArrayCP
typedef IByteArray const & IByteArrayCR
typedef ChangeGroup * ChangeGroupP
typedef ChangeGroup & ChangeGroupR
typedef ChangeGroup const * ChangeGroupCP
typedef ChangeGroup const & ChangeGroupCR
typedef IChangeSet * IChangeSetP
typedef IChangeSet & IChangeSetR
typedef IChangeSet const * IChangeSetCP
typedef IChangeSet const & IChangeSetCR
typedef ChangeSet * ChangeSetP
typedef ChangeSet & ChangeSetR
typedef ChangeSet const * ChangeSetCP
typedef ChangeSet const & ChangeSetCR
typedef ChangeStream * ChangeStreamP
typedef ChangeStream & ChangeStreamR
typedef ChangeStream const * ChangeStreamCP
typedef ChangeStream const & ChangeStreamCR
typedef SchemaChangeSet * SchemaChangeSetP
typedef SchemaChangeSet & SchemaChangeSetR
typedef SchemaChangeSet const * SchemaChangeSetCP
typedef SchemaChangeSet const & SchemaChangeSetCR

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