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ConfigurationManager.h File Reference
#include "../DgnPlatform.h"
#include "../DgnHost.h"

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struct  IVariableMonitor
 The IVariableMonitor interface is implemented by classes that need to be informed when a Configuration Variable is changed. More...
struct  SimpleConfigurationVariableMonitor
 The SimpleConfiguraionVariableMonitor class implements IVariableMonitor and provides only one callback for any change to a ConfigurationVariable. More...
struct  IConfigVariableIteratorDelegate
 Provide a delegate mechanism for iterating through all configuration variables. More...
struct  ConfigurationManager
 The ConfigurationManager supplies methods that allow users and applications to customize the behavior of programs at runtime. More...


 The Bentley namespace contains types defined by the Bentley Library.
 The DgnPlatform namespace contains types defined by the DgnPlatform.


typedef struct mdlDesc * MdlDescP

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typedef struct mdlDesc* MdlDescP

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