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DesignHistory.h File Reference
#include <DgnPlatform/DgnFileIO/DgnHistory.h>
#include <Bentley/bstdmap.h>

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class  RevisionNumbersForFile
 A set of revision numbers pertaining to the design history of a specified file. More...
class  ElementQueryResult
 Holds the result of querying design history for the historical version of an element. More...
struct  IElementQueryResultFilter
 Interface to filter query results at the element level. More...
class  ElementQueryResultsForModel
 Copies of elements in a historical state for a given model. More...
struct  ElementQueryResultsForModel::const_iterator
class  ElementQueryResultsForFile
 Copies of elements in a historical state for a given file. More...
struct  ElementQueryResultsForFile::const_iterator
class  ElementsAsOfQuery
 Performs a query to get the historical state of elements. More...
class  DesignHistory
 Provides access to the design history of a specified file. More...
struct  DesignHistory::TagDefinition
 The definition of a tag. More...


 The Bentley namespace contains types defined by the Bentley Library.
 The DgnPlatform namespace contains types defined by the DgnPlatform.
 Contains classes for accessing Design History within a DgnFile. The most important class is Bentley::DgnPlatform::DgnHistory::DesignHistory. See Design History.


#define ELEMENT_CHANGETYPE_PLACEHOLDER   ElementChangeType::Missing
#define ELEMENT_CHANGETYPE_NO_CHANGE   ElementChangeType::Missing


typedef bvector< RevisionNumber > T_RevisionNumberVectorType
typedef bstdmap< ElementId,
ElementQueryResult > 
typedef bstdmap< ModelId,
ElementQueryResultsForModel > 


enum  HistoryCapabilities {
  HistoryCapabilities_Supported = 0x0001, HistoryCapabilities_Create = 0x0002, HistoryCapabilities_Combine = 0x0004, HistoryCapabilities_Commit = 0x0008,
  HistoryCapabilities_Browse = 0x0010, HistoryCapabilities_Delete = 0x0020, HistoryCapabilities_Retire = 0x0040, HistoryCapabilities_Trace = 0x0080,
  HistoryCapabilities_Tag = 0x0100, HistoryCapabilities_ChangeDesc = 0x0200, HistoryCapabilities_AutoUpgrade = 0x0400, HistoryCapabilities_ChangeAuthor = 0x0800,
  HistoryCapabilities_SetRevisionFormat =0x1000, HistoryCapabilities_SetVersion = 0x2000, HistoryCapabilities_ALL = 0xffff
 History capabilities specific to a file and/or capabilities enabled in the current configuration. More...

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#define ELEMENT_CHANGETYPE_NO_CHANGE   ElementChangeType::Missing
#define ELEMENT_CHANGETYPE_PLACEHOLDER   ElementChangeType::Missing

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