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DgnDocumentManager.h File Reference
#include <DgnPlatform/DgnHost.h>

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struct  DgnDocumentBrowserDefaults
struct  DgnFolderBrowserDefaults
struct  DgnBaseMoniker
 A DgnBaseMoniker identifies a file or a folder. More...
struct  DgnDocumentMoniker
 A DgnDocumentMoniker identifies a file. More...
struct  DgnFolderMoniker
 A DgnFolderMoniker identifies a folder. More...
struct  DgnDocumentNameProperty
struct  DgnDocument
 A DgnDocument represents a file. More...
struct  DgnFolder
struct  DgnBaseMonikerList
 Collection of base monikers. More...
struct  DgnDocumentMonikerList
 Collection of document monikers. More...
struct  DgnFolderMonikerList
 Collection of folder monikers. More...
struct  DgnDocumentManager
 DgnDocumentManager provides services to create, find, open, and save files, either to/from the local file system or to/from a DMS such as ProjectWise if one is in use. More...


 The Bentley namespace contains types defined by the Bentley Library.
 The DgnPlatform namespace contains types defined by the DgnPlatform.


enum  RelativePathPreference { Never = 0, Allow = 1, CreateIfPossible = 2 }

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