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DgnModel.h File Reference
#include "DgnModelRef.h"
#include "DgnFileIO/MSElementDescr.h"
#include "DgnFileIO/ElementRefBase.h"
#include "DgnFileIO/ModelInfo.h"

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struct  PersistentElementRefVec
struct  PersistentElementRef
 An ElementRefP for an element that is in a DgnModel. More...
class  PersistentElementRefListIterator
 Iterate over the elements in a PersistentElementRefList. More...
struct  PersistentElementRefList
 PersistentElementRefList - a list of Dgn Elements. More...
struct  DgnModelAppData
 Application-defined object that is stored with a DgnModel. More...
struct  DgnModelAppData::Key
 A unique Key to identify each subclass of DgnModelAppData. More...
struct  ReferencedByArray
 A vector of DgnAttachments. More...
struct  DgnModel
 A DgnModel represents a DgnModel in memory. More...
struct  DgnModel::ElementRefIterator
 Iterator over the elements in a DgnModel. More...
struct  DgnModel::ElementsCollection
 Collection of all elements in a model. More...


 The Bentley namespace contains types defined by the Bentley Library.
 The DgnPlatform namespace contains types defined by the DgnPlatform.


enum  GeoAttachmentHandling { Default = 0, DoNotReproject = 1, AcceptUnprojected = 2 }
 Specifies the way Geographic Reference Attachments are treated. More...

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