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1 /*--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------+
2 |
3 | Supplied under applicable software license agreement.
4 |
5 | Copyright (c) 2018 Bentley Systems, Incorporated. All rights reserved.
6 |
7 +---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------*/
8 #pragma once
13 {
14  unsigned text:1;
15  unsigned curves:1;
16  unsigned dimensions:1;
17  unsigned meshes:1;
18  unsigned fillInterior:1;
19  unsigned unused1:11;
20  unsigned unused2:16;
21  unsigned unused3:16;
22 };
25 {
26  double hotDistance;
27  double stickyFactor;
30  unsigned showIcon:1;
31  unsigned showHint:1;
32  unsigned fixedPtPerpTan:1;
33  unsigned playSound:1;
34  unsigned coordUpdate:1;
35  unsigned hiliteColdHits:1;
36  unsigned allowLocate:1;
37  unsigned popupInfo:1;
38  unsigned popupMode:1;
39  unsigned enableFlag:2;
40  unsigned flashOnlyComponent:1; // if true, flash only a single element on complex elements for locates
41  unsigned sortByClass:1;
42  unsigned unused2:18;
45  Int32 popupDelay; // delay before info balloon pops up - in 10th of a second
47  double reserved2;
48 };
51 {
59 };
62 {
63  double m_zoomRatio;
70  int reserved2[10];
71 };
73 struct AdrawPrefs
74  {
75  int version; // NOTE: Saved settings, update ACCUDRAW_SETTINGS_VERSION in adrawint.h if structure changes!
77  int baseMode;
78  int floatOrg;
81  int autoPt;
83  bool getAcsRot;
90  bool autoStart;
93  bool autoLoad;
95  bool unusedOn4;
96  bool showCoordinates; // deprecated
98  bool stickyZ;
100  bool getAcsOrg;
118  int compassPixelSize; // size to display AccuDraw compass in pixels
119  int textFieldSize; // control text field size for AccuDraw dialog
126  };
bool autoStart
Definition: DgnViewSettings.r.h:90
unsigned hiliteColdHits
Definition: DgnViewSettings.r.h:35
int floatOrg
Definition: DgnViewSettings.r.h:78
int numFrames
Definition: DgnViewSettings.r.h:117
UInt32 bgColor
Definition: DgnViewSettings.r.h:112
unsigned flashOnlyComponent
Definition: DgnViewSettings.r.h:40
bool shortcutPopups
Definition: DgnViewSettings.r.h:89
Definition: DgnViewSettings.r.h:61
Definition: DgnViewSettings.r.h:24
UInt32 hiliteColor
Definition: DgnViewSettings.r.h:110
bool axisIndexing
Definition: DgnViewSettings.r.h:85
unsigned text
Definition: DgnViewSettings.r.h:14
bool autoFocusFields
Definition: DgnViewSettings.r.h:94
unsigned fixedPtPerpTan
Definition: DgnViewSettings.r.h:32
Definition: DgnViewSettings.r.h:55
unsigned dimensions
Definition: DgnViewSettings.r.h:16
int keyinMode
Definition: DgnViewSettings.r.h:114
unsigned enableFlag
Definition: DgnViewSettings.r.h:39
bool getAcsOrg
Definition: DgnViewSettings.r.h:100
unsigned unused2
Definition: DgnViewSettings.r.h:20
Int32 modifierMask
Definition: DgnViewSettings.r.h:44
unsigned allowLocate
Definition: DgnViewSettings.r.h:36
UInt32 frameColor
Definition: DgnViewSettings.r.h:111
double reserved2
Definition: DgnViewSettings.r.h:47
int dockedWidth
Definition: DgnViewSettings.r.h:115
double hotDistance
Definition: DgnViewSettings.r.h:26
bool distanceIndexing
Definition: DgnViewSettings.r.h:86
Definition: DgnViewSettings.r.h:56
bool disableACSContextRotation
Definition: DgnViewSettings.r.h:104
UInt32 unused2
Definition: DgnViewSettings.r.h:122
bool moveOrigin
Definition: DgnViewSettings.r.h:102
unsigned meshes
Definition: DgnViewSettings.r.h:17
double stickyFactor
Definition: DgnViewSettings.r.h:27
bool showCoordinates
Definition: DgnViewSettings.r.h:96
SnapElemIgnore ignore
Definition: DgnViewSettings.r.h:43
int compassPixelSize
Definition: DgnViewSettings.r.h:118
uint32_t UInt32
Definition: Bentley.r.h:128
unsigned enableForFenceCreate
Definition: DgnViewSettings.r.h:29
UInt32 unused3
Definition: DgnViewSettings.r.h:123
unsigned coordUpdate
Definition: DgnViewSettings.r.h:34
bool stickyZ
Definition: DgnViewSettings.r.h:98
int m_wheelCtrl
Definition: DgnViewSettings.r.h:69
bool northingEasting
Definition: DgnViewSettings.r.h:99
Int32 reserved1
Definition: DgnViewSettings.r.h:46
unsigned unused3
Definition: DgnViewSettings.r.h:21
int version
Definition: DgnViewSettings.r.h:75
int textFieldSize
Definition: DgnViewSettings.r.h:119
UInt32 yColor
Definition: DgnViewSettings.r.h:109
int autoPt
Definition: DgnViewSettings.r.h:81
unsigned popupInfo
Definition: DgnViewSettings.r.h:37
Definition: DgnViewSettings.r.h:57
UInt32 xColor
Definition: DgnViewSettings.r.h:108
bool useCurrentOrigin
Definition: DgnViewSettings.r.h:84
unsigned playSound
Definition: DgnViewSettings.r.h:33
double m_navigateDistPct
Definition: DgnViewSettings.r.h:64
unsigned popupMode
Definition: DgnViewSettings.r.h:38
bool unusedOn4
Definition: DgnViewSettings.r.h:95
Definition: DgnViewSettings.r.h:52
unsigned sortByClass
Definition: DgnViewSettings.r.h:41
int32_t Int32
Definition: Bentley.r.h:119
unsigned unused1
Definition: DgnViewSettings.r.h:19
bool autoLoad
Definition: DgnViewSettings.r.h:93
int m_wheelShift
Definition: DgnViewSettings.r.h:68
int contextSens
Definition: DgnViewSettings.r.h:79
double searchDistance
Definition: DgnViewSettings.r.h:28
bool getAcsRot
Definition: DgnViewSettings.r.h:83
Definition: DgnViewSettings.r.h:12
int baseMode
Definition: DgnViewSettings.r.h:77
int smartKeyin
Definition: DgnViewSettings.r.h:80
int m_wheelAlt
Definition: DgnViewSettings.r.h:67
Definition: DgnViewSettings.r.h:53
int m_wheelNormal
Definition: DgnViewSettings.r.h:66
unsigned curves
Definition: DgnViewSettings.r.h:15
double m_navigateMouseDistPct
Definition: DgnViewSettings.r.h:65
bool delayedUpdate
Definition: DgnViewSettings.r.h:87
bool useCurrentPlane
Definition: DgnViewSettings.r.h:97
unsigned showHint
Definition: DgnViewSettings.r.h:31
UInt32 indexTolerance
Definition: DgnViewSettings.r.h:106
Definition: DgnViewSettings.r.h:50
unsigned fillInterior
Definition: DgnViewSettings.r.h:18
unsigned showIcon
Definition: DgnViewSettings.r.h:30
Definition: DgnViewSettings.r.h:54
double m_zoomRatio
Definition: DgnViewSettings.r.h:63
bool showNegativeAngles
Definition: DgnViewSettings.r.h:88
Definition: DgnViewSettings.r.h:73
Int32 popupDelay
Definition: DgnViewSettings.r.h:45
UInt32 unused4
Definition: DgnViewSettings.r.h:124
int reserved2[10]
Definition: DgnViewSettings.r.h:70
Definition: DgnViewSettings.r.h:58
bool updateCurrentACS
Definition: DgnViewSettings.r.h:103
UInt32 unused1
Definition: DgnViewSettings.r.h:121
bool defaultOrigin
Definition: DgnViewSettings.r.h:91

Copyright © 2017 Bentley Systems, Incorporated. All rights reserved.