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DimensionHandler.h File Reference
#include "TextHandlers.h"
#include <DgnPlatform/DimensionElem.h>
#include <DgnPlatform/ValueFormat.h>
#include <DgnPlatform/ElementGeometry.h>

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struct  IDimCreateData
 An object of this type is required to supply necessary information to DimensionHandler::CreateDimensionElement. More...
struct  IDimensionQuery
 Query an element for dimension specific properties. More...
struct  IDimensionEdit
 Modify and Query dimension specific properties of an element. More...
struct  DimensionTextPartId
 ! While querying a dimension using ITextEdit and ITextQuery the returned ! object is a DimensionTextPartId. More...
struct  DimensionHandler
 The default type handler for Dimension elements (type: DIMENSION_ELM). More...


 The Bentley namespace contains types defined by the Bentley Library.
 The DgnPlatform namespace contains types defined by the DgnPlatform.



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