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ECValue.h File Reference
#include <Bentley/VirtualCollectionIterator.h>
#include <Bentley/DateTime.h>
#include <ECObjects/ECInstance.h>
#include <ECObjects/ECObjects.h>
#include <ECObjects/StandardCustomAttributeHelper.h>
#include <Geom/GeomApi.h>

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struct  ArrayInfo
 Information about an array in an ECN::IECInstance. More...
struct  ECValue
 Variant-like object used to set and retrieve property values in ECInstances. More...
struct  ECValue::BinaryInfo
 Structure to hold information about a binary type. More...
struct  ECValue::StringInfo
 Structure to hold information about String values. More...
struct  ECValue::DateTimeInfo
struct  ECValueAccessor
 A structure used for describing the complete location of an ECValue within an ECInstance. More...
struct  ECValueAccessor::Location
struct  ECPropertyValue
 Relates an ECProperty with an ECValue. More...
struct  ECValuesCollectionIterator
 An iterator over the ECPropertyValues contained in an ECValuesCollection. More...
struct  ECValuesCollection
 A collection of all ECPropertyValues contained in an IECInstance or an ECPropertyValue. More...


typedef RefCountedPtr
< ECValuesCollection


typedef RefCountedPtr
< ECPropertyValue

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