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ElementAgenda.h File Reference
#include <Bentley/bvector.h>
#include <Bentley/bset.h>
#include "ElementHandle.h"

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class  ElemHandleArray< T_ElemHandle >
struct  IElementAgendaEvents
 Interface to notfy applications of ElementAgenda activity. More...
struct  ElemAgendaEntry
 EditElementHandle residing in an ElementAgenda More...
struct  ElemModelPair
 A lightweight structure to hold an ElementRefP and DgnModelRef pair with a comparison operator. It is used by ElemModelPairSet. More...
struct  ElemModelCompare
 Comparison function for ElemModelPair entries in ElemModelPairSet. More...
struct  ElemModelPairSet
 A set of unique ElementRefP/DgnModelRef entries. More...
struct  ElementAgenda
 A bvector of EditElementHandle entries to be used for operating on groups of elements. More...
struct  IDrawElementAgenda
 Interface for an agent that can display elements. More...


 The Bentley namespace contains types defined by the Bentley Library.
 The DgnPlatform namespace contains types defined by the DgnPlatform.


typedef struct IDataObject GuiDataObject
typedef ElemHandleArray
< ElemAgendaEntry > 


enum  ModifyElementSource {
  Selected = 0, SelectionSet = 1, Fence = 2, WorkingSet = 3,
  GraphicGroup = 4, NamedGroup = 5, DragSelection = 6, Unknown = 10
 this gets passed as an argument to the element function More...
enum  AgendaHilitedState { Unknown = 0, Yes = 1, No = 2 }

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct IDataObject GuiDataObject

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