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ElementCopyContext.h File Reference
#include "DependencyManagerLinkage.h"
#include "ElementHandle.h"
#include <Bentley/RefCounted.h>

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struct  ElementCopyContext
 Use the ElementCopyContext class to copy elements. More...
struct  ElementCopyContext::IEventHandler
 Element copy event handler. More...


 The Bentley namespace contains types defined by the Bentley Library.
 The DgnPlatform namespace contains types defined by the DgnPlatform.


enum  CopyContextLevelOption {
  ByUserPreference = 0, CopyIfNotFound = 1, CopyIfDifferent = 2, CopyAlways = 3,
  AlreadyRemapped = 4, CopyByNumber = 5
 How to handle levels when copying an element between files. More...

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