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IModelPublisherOptions.h File Reference

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struct  PackageOptions
 Specifies the packaging and protection options to apply to a packaged i-model. More...
struct  PublishViewOptions
 Specifies the publishing view options to apply while creating the published i-models. More...
struct  PublishOptions
 Specifies the publishing options to apply while creating the published i-models. More...
struct  DgnDbOptions
 Specifies the DgnDb options to apply while creating the published i-models. More...


 The Bentley namespace contains types defined by the Bentley Library.


#define PUBLISHLIB_EXPORT   __declspec(dllimport)
#define BEGIN_BENTLEY_DGNIMODEL_NAMESPACE   namespace Bentley { namespace DgnIModel {


typedef PackageOptions const & PackageOptionsCR
typedef PackageOptions & PackageOptionsR
typedef PublishOptions const & PublishOptionsCR
typedef PublishOptions & PublishOptionsR
typedef DgnDbOptions const & DgnDbOptionsCR
typedef DgnDbOptions & DgnDbOptionsR
typedef PublishViewOptions const & PublishViewOptionsCR
typedef PublishViewOptions & PublishViewOptionsR
typedef bvector< WString > EmbedDocumentList
typedef EmbedDocumentList & EmbedDocumentListR
typedef StatusInt(* OverrideProvenanceSourceEvent )(WString &, WCharCP)
 A callback for overriding provenance source. More...
typedef StatusInt(* OverrideProvenanceTargetEvent )(WString &, WCharCP)
 A callback for overriding provenance target. More...
typedef void(* OnErrorCallbackEvent )(WCharCP)
 A callback for reporting errors during a publish or package operation. More...
typedef StatusInt(* ProcessFileCallback )(DgnFileCR, DgnFilePtr &)
 A callback for processing a file and substituting with another one. More...
typedef StatusInt(* AddProvenanceConfigMetaDataCallback )(WString &)


enum  LicenseType { LICENSE_Everyone = 0, LICENSE_Password = 1, LICENSE_Certificate = 2, LICENSE_None_ProtectionDisabled = 99 }
 Different possible License Types that can be used in PackageOptions. More...
enum  IModelStatus {
  IMODEL_Success = 0, IMODEL_ImporterNotFound = 1, IMODEL_ImporterNotSupported = 2, IMODEL_PackageFileNotFound = 3,
  IMODEL_MobileIModelFileExtension = 4, IMODEL_AccessViolation = 5, IMODEL_Error = 99
 Different possible error types that can be used returned by DgnDb publishing. More...

Macro Definition Documentation

#define BEGIN_BENTLEY_DGNIMODEL_NAMESPACE   namespace Bentley { namespace DgnIModel {
#define PUBLISHLIB_EXPORT   __declspec(dllimport)

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