BPoint Member List

This is the complete list of members for BPoint, including all inherited members.

BPoint(int xpos, int ypos)BPoint
IsNull() const BPoint
operator!=(const BPoint &, const BPoint &)BPointfriend
operator*(const BPoint &, double)BPointfriend
operator*(double, const BPoint &)BPointfriend
operator*=(double c)BPoint
operator+(const BPoint &, const BPoint &)BPointfriend
operator+=(const BPoint &p)BPoint
operator-(const BPoint &, const BPoint &)BPointfriend
operator-(const BPoint &)BPointfriend
operator-=(const BPoint &p)BPoint
operator/(const BPoint &, double)BPointfriend
operator/=(double c)BPoint
operator==(const BPoint &, const BPoint &)BPointfriend
SetX(int x)BPoint
SetY(int y)BPoint
X() const BPoint
Y() const BPoint

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