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EllipsoidEnumerator Class Referenceabstract

Ellipsoid enumeration class. More...

#include <BaseGeoCoord.h>

Public Member Functions

bool MoveNext ()
 Moves to the next Ellipsoid. More...
EllipsoidCP GetCurrent ()
 Gets the current Ellipsoid. More...
void Destroy () const
 Free this EllipsoidEnumerator. More...

Detailed Description

Ellipsoid enumeration class.


Member Function Documentation

void Destroy ( ) const

Free this EllipsoidEnumerator.

EllipsoidCP GetCurrent ( )

Gets the current Ellipsoid.

the current Ellipsoid.
bool MoveNext ( )

Moves to the next Ellipsoid.

true if successful in moving to the next Ellipsoid, false if there are no more.

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