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CBPropertySheet Class Reference

#include <CBPropertySheet.h>

Inheritance diagram for CBPropertySheet:

Public Member Functions

 CBPropertySheet (UINT nIDCaption, CWnd *pParentWnd=NULL, int iSelectPage=0)
 CBPropertySheet (UINT nIDCaption, int screen=0, int iSelectPage=0)
 CBPropertySheet (TCHAR *pCaption, int screen=0, int iSelectPage=0)
virtual ~CBPropertySheet ()
void SetID (int id)
void SetHelpInfo (UINT helpInfo)
void SetMsgProcHook (bool bSet)
HHOOK GetMsgProcHook ()
void OnFunctionKey (LPMSG)

Public Attributes

HHOOK m_hHook

Protected Member Functions

virtual BOOL OnInitDialog ()
afx_msg void OnDestroy ()

Protected Attributes

MSWindowP m_pWindow

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CBPropertySheet ( UINT  nIDCaption,
CWnd *  pParentWnd = NULL,
int  iSelectPage = 0 
CBPropertySheet ( UINT  nIDCaption,
int  screen = 0,
int  iSelectPage = 0 
CBPropertySheet ( TCHAR *  pCaption,
int  screen = 0,
int  iSelectPage = 0 
virtual ~CBPropertySheet ( )

Member Function Documentation

HHOOK GetMsgProcHook ( )

References m_hHook.

afx_msg void OnDestroy ( )
void OnFunctionKey ( LPMSG  )
virtual BOOL OnInitDialog ( )
void SetHelpInfo ( UINT  helpInfo)
void SetID ( int  id)

References m_nID.

void SetMsgProcHook ( bool  bSet)

Member Data Documentation

HHOOK m_hHook

Referenced by GetMsgProcHook().


Referenced by SetID().

MSWindowP m_pWindow

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