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IBrowserHelpClient Class Referenceabstract

#include <BrowserHelpClient.h>

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IHelpClient BrowserHelpClient

Public Member Functions

virtual ~IBrowserHelpClient ()
virtual void _SetUriRoot (WCharCP uriRootP)=0
virtual bool _GetLocalHelpLocation (WStringR helpLocation, WCharCP productName, int release, int major, int minor)=0
virtual bool _GetOnlineHelpLocation (WStringR helpLocation, int productID, int releaseVersion, int majorVersion, int minorVersion, int subMinor, SignificantVersionFields versionsignificantFields, WStringCR languageCode, bool forceQA)=0
- Public Member Functions inherited from IHelpClient
virtual ~IHelpClient ()
virtual void _DisplayTopic (WCharCP windowNameP, WCharCP stringP)=0
virtual void _DisplayALink (WCharCP windowNameP, WCharCP stringP)=0
virtual void _DisplayToolIndex (WCharCP windowNameP, WCharCP indexNameP, WCharCP stringP)=0
virtual void _DisplayIndex (WCharCP windowNameP, WCharCP stringP)=0
virtual void _DisplayContents (WCharCP windowNameP, WCharCP topicP)=0
virtual void _DisplaySearch (WCharCP windowNameP, WCharCP stringP)=0
virtual void _CloseAll ()=0
virtual void _Cleanup ()=0
virtual void _ShowQuickStartPDF ()=0

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

virtual ~IBrowserHelpClient ( )

Member Function Documentation

virtual bool _GetLocalHelpLocation ( WStringR  helpLocation,
WCharCP  productName,
int  release,
int  major,
int  minor 
pure virtual

Implemented in BrowserHelpClient.

virtual bool _GetOnlineHelpLocation ( WStringR  helpLocation,
int  productID,
int  releaseVersion,
int  majorVersion,
int  minorVersion,
int  subMinor,
SignificantVersionFields  versionsignificantFields,
WStringCR  languageCode,
bool  forceQA 
pure virtual

Implemented in BrowserHelpClient.

virtual void _SetUriRoot ( WCharCP  uriRootP)
pure virtual

Implemented in BrowserHelpClient.

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