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bstdmap< _Key, _TypeT, _Compare, _Allocator > Class Template Reference

A Bentley supplied implementation std::map. More...

#include <bstdmap.h>

Public Types

typedef _Key key_type
typedef _TypeT mapped_type
typedef bpair< const key_type,
typedef _Compare key_compare
typedef _Allocator allocator_type
typedef _C_repT::reference reference
typedef _C_repT::const_reference const_reference
typedef _C_repT::iterator iterator
typedef _C_repT::const_iterator const_iterator
typedef _C_repT::size_type size_type
typedef _C_repT::difference_type difference_type
typedef _C_repT::pointer pointer
typedef _C_repT::const_pointer const_pointer
typedef _C_repT::reverse_iterator reverse_iterator

Protected Member Functions

 value_compare (key_compare __cmp)

Protected Attributes

key_compare comp

Detailed Description

template<class _Key, class _TypeT, class _Compare = std::less<_Key>, class _Allocator = Bentley::BentleyAllocator<bpair<const _Key, _TypeT> >>
class bstdmap< _Key, _TypeT, _Compare, _Allocator >

A Bentley supplied implementation std::map.

This class is used in the Bentley APIs to avoid dependencies on compiler-supplied implementations of std::map that sometimes vary with compiler settings or compiler versions. The bstdmap class does not suffer from these problems. This makes bstdmap suitable for use in Bentley public APIs.

There is also another Bentley supplied implementation of std::map called bmap. bmap is generally the preferable std::map implementation for most use cases, but it is not a 100% compatible implementation of std::map (see discussion therein). If you cannot live with bmap's restrictions, you should use bstdmap.

To understand the bstdmap class, consult the documentation for std::map.

See also

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef _Allocator allocator_type
typedef _C_repT::const_iterator const_iterator
typedef _C_repT::const_pointer const_pointer
typedef _C_repT::const_reference const_reference
typedef _C_repT::const_reverse_iterator const_reverse_iterator
typedef _C_repT::difference_type difference_type
typedef _C_repT::iterator iterator
typedef _Compare key_compare
typedef _Key key_type
typedef _TypeT mapped_type
typedef _C_repT::pointer pointer
typedef _C_repT::reference reference
typedef _C_repT::reverse_iterator reverse_iterator
typedef _C_repT::size_type size_type

Member Function Documentation

value_compare ( key_compare  __cmp)

Referenced by value_comp().

Member Data Documentation

key_compare comp

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