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bstdmultiset< _Key, _Compare, _Allocator > Class Template Reference

A template that has many of the capabilities of std::multiset. More...

#include <bstdset.h>

Public Types

typedef _Key key_type
typedef _Key value_type
typedef _Compare key_compare
typedef _Compare value_compare
typedef _Allocator allocator_type
typedef __rep_type::reference reference
typedef __rep_type::const_reference const_reference
typedef __rep_type::iterator iterator
typedef __rep_type::const_iterator const_iterator
typedef __rep_type::size_type size_type
typedef __rep_type::difference_type difference_type
typedef __rep_type::pointer pointer
typedef __rep_type::const_pointer const_pointer

Public Member Functions

 bstdmultiset (const key_compare &__cmp=key_compare(), const allocator_type &__alloc=allocator_type())
template<class _InputIter >
 bstdmultiset (_InputIter __first, _InputIter __last, const key_compare &__cmp=key_compare(), const allocator_type &__alloc=allocator_type())
 bstdmultiset (const bstdmultiset &__x)
bstdmultisetoperator= (const bstdmultiset &__x)
allocator_type get_allocator () const
iterator begin ()
const_iterator begin () const
iterator end ()
const_iterator end () const
reverse_iterator rbegin ()
const_reverse_iterator rbegin () const
reverse_iterator rend ()
const_reverse_iterator rend () const
bool empty () const
size_type size () const
size_type max_size () const
iterator insert (const value_type &__x)
iterator insert (iterator __it, const value_type &__x)
template<class _InputIter >
void insert (_InputIter __first, _InputIter __last)
iterator erase (iterator __it)
size_type erase (const key_type &__x)
void erase (iterator __first, iterator __last)
void swap (bstdmultiset &__x)
void clear ()
key_compare key_comp () const
value_compare value_comp () const
iterator find (const key_type &__x)
const_iterator find (const key_type &__x) const
size_type count (const key_type &__x) const
iterator lower_bound (const key_type &__x)
const_iterator lower_bound (const key_type &__x) const
iterator upper_bound (const key_type &__x)
const_iterator upper_bound (const key_type &__x) const
bpair< iterator, iteratorequal_range (const key_type &__x)
bpair< const_iterator,
equal_range (const key_type &__x) const

Detailed Description

template<class _Key, class _Compare = std::less<_Key>, class _Allocator = ::Bentley::BentleyAllocator<_Key>>
class bstdmultiset< _Key, _Compare, _Allocator >

A template that has many of the capabilities of std::multiset.

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef _Allocator allocator_type
typedef __rep_type::const_iterator const_iterator
typedef __rep_type::const_pointer const_pointer
typedef __rep_type::const_reference const_reference
typedef __rep_type::const_reverse_iterator const_reverse_iterator
typedef __rep_type::difference_type difference_type
typedef __rep_type::iterator iterator
typedef _Compare key_compare
typedef _Key key_type
typedef __rep_type::pointer pointer
typedef __rep_type::reference reference
typedef __rep_type::reverse_iterator reverse_iterator
typedef __rep_type::size_type size_type
typedef _Compare value_compare
typedef _Key value_type

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

bstdmultiset ( const key_compare __cmp = key_compare (),
const allocator_type __alloc = allocator_type () 
bstdmultiset ( _InputIter  __first,
_InputIter  __last,
const key_compare __cmp = key_compare (),
const allocator_type __alloc = allocator_type () 
bstdmultiset ( const bstdmultiset< _Key, _Compare, _Allocator > &  __x)

Member Function Documentation

iterator begin ( )

Referenced by operator==().

const_iterator begin ( ) const
void clear ( )
size_type count ( const key_type __x) const
bool empty ( ) const
iterator end ( )

Referenced by operator==().

const_iterator end ( ) const
bpair<iterator, iterator> equal_range ( const key_type __x)
bpair<const_iterator,const_iterator> equal_range ( const key_type __x) const
iterator erase ( iterator  __it)
size_type erase ( const key_type __x)
void erase ( iterator  __first,
iterator  __last 
iterator find ( const key_type __x)
const_iterator find ( const key_type __x) const
allocator_type get_allocator ( ) const
iterator insert ( const value_type __x)
iterator insert ( iterator  __it,
const value_type __x 
void insert ( _InputIter  __first,
_InputIter  __last 
key_compare key_comp ( ) const
iterator lower_bound ( const key_type __x)
const_iterator lower_bound ( const key_type __x) const
size_type max_size ( ) const
bstdmultiset& operator= ( const bstdmultiset< _Key, _Compare, _Allocator > &  __x)
reverse_iterator rbegin ( )
const_reverse_iterator rbegin ( ) const
reverse_iterator rend ( )
const_reverse_iterator rend ( ) const
size_type size ( ) const

Referenced by operator==().

void swap ( bstdmultiset< _Key, _Compare, _Allocator > &  __x)

Referenced by swap().

iterator upper_bound ( const key_type __x)
const_iterator upper_bound ( const key_type __x) const
value_compare value_comp ( ) const

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