Geom Directory Reference


directory  IntegerTypes


file  Angle.h [code]
 Strongly typed angle services: Angle, AngleInDegrees, and YawPitchRollAngles.
file  BSIQuadrature.h [code]
file  BsplineStructs.h [code]
 Spline order, closure, and count data: bSplineParam, interpolationParam, bsplineDisplay, and BCurveSegment.
file  ClipPlane.h [code]
 A single plane described by normal and distance from origin: ClipPlane.
file  ClipPlaneSet.h [code]
 Desciption: ConvexClipPlaneSet, ClipPlaneSet.
file  CompoundDrawState.h [code]
 RefCounted boject carrying a draw method index and variable size array of size_t: CompoundDrawState.
file  counters.h [code]
 utility classes for statistical data accumulation
file  CurveDetails.h [code]
 Detail data for an interval of a parent curve: PartialCurveDetail, CurveLocationDetail, CurveLocationDetailPair, SolidLocationDetail, ICurvePrimitiveInfo, CurveOffsetOptions, CurveGapOptions, BlendDetail, CurvePrimitivePtrPair.
file  CurvePrimitive.h [code]
 An abstract type implemented by multiple types of parametric curves: ICurvePrimitive.
file  CurvePrimitiveId.h [code]
 A class that identifies the source of a curvePrimitive: CurvePrimitiveId.
file  CurveTopologyId.h [code]
 Identifies the source of a curve within a larger wireframe entity such as a B-Rep body or SolidPrimitive: CurveTopologyId.
file  CurveVector.h [code]
 A collection of curve primitives: CurveVector, CurveCurve, PathLocationDetail, CurveVectorWithDistanceIndex.
file  DBilinearPatch3d.h [code]
 4-sided patch defined by its 4 vertices: DBilinearPatch3d
file  dellipse3d.h [code]
 Center, reference vectors, and angular range for elliptic arc: DEllipse3d.
file  dmap4d.h [code]
 Forward and inverse 4x4 matrices of an invertible perspective transformation: DMap4d.
file  dmatrix4d.h [code]
 4x4 matrix used for perspective (homogeneous coordinate) calculations: DMatrix4d
file  dplane3d.h [code]
 Origin and normal vector for a plane: DPlane3d.
file  dpoint2d.h [code]
 2d point with x,y coordinates as public members: Bentley::DPoint2d
file  dpoint3d.h [code]
 3d point coordinates: Bentley::DPoint3d
file  DPoint3dOps.h [code]
 Class wrapper for static utiliity functions on data structures built around DPoint2d: VectorOps, DPoint2dOps, DVec3dOps, DVec2dOps, DoubleOps, DPoint3dOps, and PolylineOps.
file  dpoint4d.h [code]
 4d point coordinates: DPoint4d
file  DRange1d.h [code]
 A 1d interval with low and high values: DRange1d.
file  drange2d.h [code]
 A 2d low and high corner pair for range boxes: DRange2d.
file  drange3d.h [code]
 A 3d low and high corner pair for range boxes: DRange3d.
file  dray3d.h [code]
 Start point and direction (NOT necessarily unit) for a 3D ray: DRay3d.
file  DSegment1d.h [code]
 An interval [x0,x1] on the real line: DSegment1d.
file  dsegment3d.h [code]
 Start and end points of a line segment: DSegment3d.
file  DSpiral2dBase.h [code]
file  DTriangle3d.h [code]
 4-sided patch defined by its 4 vertices: DTriangle3d, DPlane3dByVectors
file  dvec2d.h [code]
 A vector in xy space: Bentley::DVec2d.
file  dvec3d.h [code]
 A vector in xyz space: Bentley::DVec3d.
file  FacetOptions.h [code]
 Carries tolerance and count data to be used in making surface facets and curve chords: IFacetOptions, IPolyfaceConstruction, ConstructionState, PolyfaceConstruction.
file  GeomApi.h [code]
 GeomApi: Bentley::Rounding, Bentley::ValueSizeSize, Bentley::OrderedValueSizeSize, Bentley::IGeometry, Bentley::OrderedIGeometryPtr, Bentley::pointList.
file  GeomApi.r.h [code]
 faceId, edgeId, vertexId, FloatRGB, RgbFactor
file  GeoPoint.h [code]
 Geographic Point: Geopoint, Geopoint2d.
file  GraphicsPoint.h [code]
 A point with markup fields: GraphicsPoint.
file  MSBsplineCurve.h [code]
 A Non uniform, rational Bspline curve: MSBsplineCurve, RefCountedMSBsplineCurve.
file  MSBsplineSurface.h [code]
 A range with transforms between local and world coordinates: MSBsplineSurface, RefCountedMSBsplineSurface, trimCurve, bsurfBoundary, curveChain.
file  msgeomstructs_typedefs.h [code]
file  MSInterpolationCurve.h [code]
 Carries passthrough (interpolation) points for a curve: RefCountedMSInterpolationCurve.
file  OperatorOverload.h [code]
file  Polyface.h [code]
 Data for face containing facets: FacetFaceData, DSegment3dOnFacets, BlockedVectorInt, FacetLocationDetail, FacetLocationDetailPair, PolyfaceEdgeChain, DirectionalVolumeData, PolyfaceQuery, PolyfaceQuery::IClipToPlaneSetOutput, PolyfaceQueryCarrier, PolyfaceVectors, PolyfaceHeader, PolyfaceVisitor, PolyfaceCoordinateMap.
file  rotmatrix.h [code]
 3x3 matrix commonly used for pure rotations: Bentley::RotMatrix
file  SolidPrimitive.h [code]
 SolidPrimitives: +-ISolidPrimitive, DgnRuledSweepDetail, DgnRotationalSweepDetail, DgnExtrusionDetail, DgnSphereDetail, DgnBoxDetail, DgnConeDetail, DgnTorusPipeDetail.
file  transform.h [code]
 A 3x4 matrix for defining coordinate frames and affine transformations: Bentley::Transform.

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