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dlmsys.fdf File Reference
#include <Mstn\basedefs.h>
#include "stdarg.h"
#include "dlmfuncs.h"
#include <stdio.h>




typedef struct mdlDesc MdlDesc


int dlmSystem_setFunction (int type, void *DLMUserP, int(*funcP)())
 Designates a DLM user hook. More...
void dlmSystem_displayError (WCharCP formatP,...)
 Displays a error message to the same place MicroStation's DLM loader displays errors. More...
void * dlmSystem_mdlCalloc (size_t arg1, size_t arg2)
 Allocates memory for the specified number of objects of the given size, and associates that memory with the current MDL descriptor. More...
int dlmSystem_mdlFclose (FILE *fileP)
 Closes the specified file, so that further read/write operations are not allowed. More...
FILE * dlmSystem_mdlFopen (WCharCP pFileName, WCharCP pFileAccess)
 Opens a file and associates it with an MDL application. More...
void dlmSystem_mdlFree (void *memoryP)
 Frees memory allocated by dlmSystem_mdlMalloc, dlmSystem_mdlCalloc or dlmSystem_mdlRealloc. More...
FILE * dlmSystem_mdlFreopen (WCharCP nameP, WCharCP accessP, FILE *fileP)
 Calls freopen and associates the returned file pointer with the current MDL app. More...
void * dlmSystem_mdlMalloc (size_t size)
 Allocates a block of memory of the specified size in bytes. More...
void * dlmSystem_mdlRealloc (void *oldBlockP, size_t newSize)
 Reallocates a block of memory to the specified size in bytes. More...
WCharP dlmSystem_wcsdup (WCharCP pString)
 Duplicates a string saving it in memory it allocated using dlmSystem_mdlMalloc. More...
FILE * dlmSystem_mdlTmpfile (void)
 Returns a pointer to a temporary file. More...

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typedef struct mdlDesc MdlDesc

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