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dloadlib.h File Reference
#include "global.h"
#include <DgnPlatform\ExportMacros.h>

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double const fc_epsilon
double const fc_pi
double const fc_2pi
double const fc_180overpi
double const fc_piover180
double const fc_piover2
double const fc_piover4
double const fc_nearZero
double const fc_onehalf
double const fc_zero
double const fc_piover3
double const fc_piover6
double const fc_60
double const fc_90
double const fc_180
double const fc_270
double const fc_360
double const fc_1
double const fc_m1
double const fc_2
double const fc_3
double const fc_4
double const fc_5
double const fc_10
double const fc_100
double const fc_255
double const fc_1000
double const fc_10000
double const fc_100000
double const fc_p1
double const fc_p01
double const fc_p001
double const fc_p0001
double const fc_mm_per_in
double const fc_iang_to_rad
double const fc_rad_to_iang
double const fc_rmaxi4
double const fc_rmini4
double const fc_rmaxui4
double const fc_isogrid_ratio
MSElementP dgnBuf
struct msStateData statedata
struct DgnPlatform::Tcb * tcb
struct mgdsModesTag mgds_modes
int mdlErrno
CommandNumber mdlCommandNumber
struct UserPrefsuserPrefsP
void * render_designLightP
void * msRegionTed
struct TransElemDescr * msTransientElmP
struct msGraphConfig graphConfig

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MSElementP dgnBuf
double const fc_1
double const fc_10
double const fc_100
double const fc_1000
double const fc_10000
double const fc_100000
double const fc_180
double const fc_180overpi
double const fc_2
double const fc_255
double const fc_270
double const fc_2pi
double const fc_3
double const fc_360
double const fc_4
double const fc_5
double const fc_60
double const fc_90
double const fc_epsilon
double const fc_iang_to_rad
double const fc_isogrid_ratio
double const fc_m1
double const fc_mm_per_in
double const fc_nearZero
double const fc_onehalf
double const fc_p0001
double const fc_p001
double const fc_p01
double const fc_p1
double const fc_pi
double const fc_piover180
double const fc_piover2
double const fc_piover3
double const fc_piover4
double const fc_piover6
double const fc_rad_to_iang
double const fc_rmaxi4
double const fc_rmaxui4
double const fc_rmini4
double const fc_zero
struct msGraphConfig graphConfig
CommandNumber mdlCommandNumber
int mdlErrno
struct mgdsModesTag mgds_modes
void* msRegionTed
struct TransElemDescr* msTransientElmP
void* render_designLightP
struct msStateData statedata
struct DgnPlatform::Tcb* tcb
struct UserPrefs* userPrefsP

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