Application Settings on Files and Models


struct  ApplicationSettings
 Holds application settings for a file or model. More...
struct  IDgnSettings
 Interface to find persistent "settings" information stored on a per file or per model basis. More...

Detailed Description

Application File and Model Specific Settings

Persistent "settings" information is stored in ApplicationsSettings elements on each file and model.

To access the ApplicationSettings object, call the IDgnSettings::GetCurrentSettings () static method to obtain an IDgnSettings query manager, and call one of the query methods in the IDgnSettings object to find the model-specific or file-specific ApplicationSettings object, e.g.

IDgnSettings::GetCurrentSettings().GetFileApplicationSettings (file);
IDgnSettings::GetCurrentSettings().GetFileApplicationSettings (modelRef);
IDgnSettings::GetCurrentSettings().GetModelApplicationSettings (cache);
IDgnSettings::GetCurrentSettings().GetModelApplicationSettings (modelRef);

Multiple settings data are stored on a single MicroStation-maintained element in each file and each model. The individual settings data are stored in XAttributes on that element, identified by DgnPlatform::XAttributeHandlerId and setting id. Applications wishing to store settings data should obtain an DgnPlatform::XAttributeHandler major ID from Bentley Systems, and then use the minor DgnPlatform::XAttributeHandlerId for application specific "types" of settings and then use the "settingId" for individual instances of those types.

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