void mdlAutoLocate_enable (bool onOff, bool autoAccept, bool resetFindsNext)
 Turn on "AutoLocate" for the current tool. More...
bool mdlAutoLocate_isUserEnabled ()
 Check to see whether the User has requested AutoLocate. More...
void mdlAutoLocate_setComplexComponentMode (DgnPlatform::ComponentMode newMode)
 Set the "complex component" mode when AutoLocating. More...

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void mdlAutoLocate_enable ( bool  onOff,
bool  autoAccept,
bool  resetFindsNext 

Turn on "AutoLocate" for the current tool.


AutoLocate is the feature of MicroStation that automatically highlights elements as the cursor passes over them.

When AutoLocate is enabled, tools can skip the "Accept/Reject" step, since the user get immediate feedback about which element is selected and there is therefore no reason to ask again. However, some users may prefer to turn AutoLocate off, so tools must be constructed to work either way. The logic in mdlState_startModifyCommand attemps to make that as easy as possible by calling your AcceptFunc at the appropriate times. However, sometimes tools need to take different actions depending on the state of AutoLocate. If so, call mdlLocate_getLocateMethod from within your AcceptFunc to determine how the user indicted the element should be accepted.

AutoLocate must be enabled by both the tool and the user before it becomes active.

Note: AutoLocate requires that AccuSnap also be enabled.

[in]onOffif true, AutoLocate is enabled; if false, AutoLocate is disabled
[in]autoAcceptif true, datapoint immediately calls the Accept function, otherwise prompt for "Accept/Reject"
[in]resetFindsNextif true, reset causes AutoLocate to move to the next element.
Note: Even if onOff is true, AutoLocate will not be enabled unless the user has also enabled it.
Required Library: mdlbltin.lib
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bool mdlAutoLocate_isUserEnabled ( )

Check to see whether the User has requested AutoLocate.

Controlled by the "Automatically Locate Elements" preference.

true if AutoLocate is enabled.
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Required Library: mdlbltin.lib
void mdlAutoLocate_setComplexComponentMode ( DgnPlatform::ComponentMode  newMode)

Set the "complex component" mode when AutoLocating.

[in]newModeNew value for component mode.
Required Library: mdlbltin.lib
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Set to default value of ComponentMode::None whenever AutoLocate is enabled.

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