Building Application Process

The process consists of the following steps:

  1. Creating a makefile and using the bmake utility.
  2. Creating and compiling an application command table.
  3. Generating resource files from C type definitions.
  4. Compiling resources.
  5. Compiling MDL source files.
  6. Using the MDL librarian (mlib) (optional).
  7. Linking the application source files.
  8. Using the resource librarian (rlib) to "put it all together."

Each step corresponds to a section of this chapter. Creating a Makefile and Using the bmake Utility describes the developer's primary task when creating a new application; developing the makefile. All the other steps should be automated by placing their specific commands within the makefile.

This chapter will not tell you which MDL functions to use to accomplish specific tasks, or how to arrange your basic source code. It assumes that you have already created either an outline or flowchart to organize the operation of your application, and that you are able to research the required functions needed from within the MDL Function Reference Manual.

To demonstrate how the MDL tools are used, this chapter will follow the construction of the MDL sample application This is the same MDL application that is discussed in "A Complete Example". Therefore, you may want to review these two sections of the manual in conjunction with one another.

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