Default Size Policies for Dialog Items

The following table lists the default Size Policies for the different dialog item types. If the Size Policy needs to be changed for a dialog item, use the EXTINTATTR_HORIZONTAL_SIZEPOLICY or EXTINTATTR_VERTICAL_SIZEPOLICY extended attributes, or the "sizePolicy=" auxInfo override, which are all described Dialog Resource Integration. Consider using a Stretch Factor or Stretch Item before overriding the default Size Policy of an item.

Dialog Item Type Default Horizontal Size Policy Default Vertical Size Policy
ButtonGroup Fixed Fixed
Container Preferred Preferred
ContainerPanel Preferred Preferred
ColorChooser Fixed Fixed
ColorPicker Minimum Fixed
ComboBox Minimum Fixed
CompactSlider Fixed Fixed
FlowDocumentScrollViewer Preferred Preferred
Generic Fixed Fixed
GroupBox Preferred Preferred
IconCmd Fixed Fixed
IconPopup Minimum Fixed
Label MinimumExpanding Fixed
Label (with LABEL_WORDWRAP) Preferred Preferred
LevelList Preferred Preferred
ListBox Preferred Preferred
MenuBar Preferred Fixed
MultilineText MinimumExpanding MinimumExpanding
OptionButton Minimum Fixed
PushButton Minimum Fixed
RadioButton Minimum Fixed
Sash (vertical) Fixed Expanding
Sash (horizontal) Expanding Fixed
Scale (vertical) Fixed Expanding
Scale (horizontal) Expanding Fixed
ScrollBar (vertical) Fixed Expanding
ScrollBar (horizontal) Expanding Fixed
Separator (vertical) Fixed Expanding
Separator (horizontal) Expanding Fixed
SpinBox Minimum Fixed
TabPageList Minimum Minimum
Text Minimum Fixed
ToolBox Fixed Fixed
Tree Preferred Preferred
UpDownButtons Fixed Fixed
WinFormsControl Fixed Fixed

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