DisplayPaths define a unique presentation of an element.
 Element Association
 Create and query associative points.
 Element Clipping
 Element Copying
 The DgnPlatform copying framework defines an algorithm to produce a valid copy of an element.
 Element Creation
 Element Dependencies
 The Dependency Manager allows applications and Handlers to react when elements or XAttributes are changed and to maintain relationships between elements.
 Element Descriptors
 An MSElementDescr holds a copy of a (potentially complex) MicroStation element.
 Element Handles
 An ElementHandle is indirect reference to an element's current state.
 Element Handle Collections
 Element Handlers
 An Element Handler defines the behavior of the elements that it controls, including how they display, transform, respond to snaps, and other user interactions.
 Element Information
 Element Intersection
 Element Linkage Functions
 Element Location
 Element Manipulators
 Element Modification
 Element Properties
 Element Scanning
 Element Processing
 Element Templates
 ElementRefP Functions
 Type Specific Element Functions
 Style Elements
 An XAttribute is data that is stored on an element, not in an element.

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