Displayable Elements


 Cell Elements
 The CELL_HEADER_ELM type that corresponds to the Cell_3d and Cell_2d structures is a general purpose complex header element whose children can be most other displayable element types.
 Complex Header Elements
 Curve Elements
 Curve elements are either open or closed elements that can describe a path.
 Detailing Symbol Elements
 Detailing symbol elements are handled by a set of element handlers such as SectionCalloutHandler, PlanCalloutHandler.
 Digital Signature Elements
 A Digital Signature is a cryptographic hash of all or part of a design file, plus a digital ID that identifies the signer.
 Dimension Elements
 Extended Displayable Elements
 Label Elements
 Linear Elements
 Multi-line Elements
 Multi-lines are a complex element that displays multiple profiles.
 Note Elements
 Ole Elements
 Parametric Cells
 A type of cell for which graphics are generated parametrically.
 Region Elements
 Region elements are planar surfaces with multiple boundary loops defining solids areas and holes.
 Raster Elements
 Raster Element are used to store a reference to an external raster file or to store directly raster data into a design file.
 Shared Cell Elements
 Shared Cells are an efficient way to store repeated displayable geometry.
 Surface And Solid Elements
 3D only surface and solid element types.
 Tag Elements
 Text Elements
 Text Table Elements
 Table elements are dgn elements that display text in tabular format.

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