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 The Bentley namespace contains types defined by the Bentley Library.


struct  DropGeometry
 DropGeometry is suplied to DisplayHandler::Drop to allow the handler to produce a simplified representation that isn't necessarily just dumb graphics. More...
struct  DropGraphics
 DropGraphics is used by drop methods to request the output of common "graphics" not specific to an element handler like patterns and linestyles. More...
struct  DraftingElementSchema
 DraftingElementSchema methods are for creating the standard element type to represent the supplied geometry class. More...
struct  IElementGraphicsProcessor
 Callback methods for collecting graphical output of an element's Draw method. More...
struct  ElementGraphicsOutput
 Provides an implementation of a ViewContext and IViewDraw suitable for collecting a "picture" of an element's graphics. More...


typedef RefCountedPtr
< DropGeometry > 
typedef RefCountedPtr
< DropGraphics > 

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Typedef Documentation

typedef RefCountedPtr<DropGeometry> DropGeometryPtr
typedef RefCountedPtr<DropGraphics> DropGraphicsPtr

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