i-model Primer


Fundamental to the success of any infrastructure project is information, and how that information is created, shared, distributed, delivered and applied. Yet, design teams must execute each project with an information-technology environment that includes a host of software applications from several vendors, each with differing information models and file formats. As a result, a significant amount of manual effort is often times involved with the distribution and sharing of information. This can be particularly problematic when information must flow across functional, organizational and lifecycle phase boundaries.

Systems which attempt to address interoperability using a monolithic, centralized approach are incompatible with the dynamic and inherent uniqueness of each project. Point-to-point information sharing between applications seldom goes beyond importing and exporting file formats and do not scale. Having an interoperable platform that acknowledges and embraces the dynamics and uniqueness of every infrastructure project; commits to supporting current and future standards; and provides the opportunity to further leverage project information, allows project teams to execute more effectively and increases the return on information technology investments.

Bentley Systems offers such an approach through its interoperability platform. Based on a federation strategy, it enables infrastructure projects to achieve interoperations among its information technology systems by creating an interoperable project environment. The platform includes the following key characteristics:

i-models play a central role within Bentley's interoperability strategy and are the currency for information exchange.

What is an i-model?

An i-model is a immutable container for rich multi-discipline information published from known sources in a known state at a known time.

When are i-models used?

Examples of when i-models are used include:

What are the benefits of an i-model?

The characteristics that make an i-model ideal for project information exchange:

What are the characteristics of an i.dgn?

When an i-model is persisted in a DGN container it inherits all of the characteristics described above. Some more detail on DGN i-models:

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