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Print Active Design API

Classes and data types required to print the active design. More...


 Print Active Design Miscellaneous Classes
 Miscellaneous classes and data types related to printing the active design.


struct  IPrintDefinition
 Base interface for all format-specific, native-code print definitions. More...
struct  IPrintDescription
 Interface for native-code standalone single-page print configuration and submission of the active design file. More...
struct  PrintDescriptionRef
 Reference-counted container for IPrintDescription instance. More...


typedef RefCountedPtr
< PrintDescriptionRef > 
 PrintDescriptionRef smart pointer. More...

Detailed Description

Classes and data types required to print the active design.

An active design print submittal application is one that composes a fixed print definition for the currently loaded DGN or DWG file and prints a single page to a device or plot file independent of the delivered print dialog application (plotdlg). This is accomplished using native code API methods, not "print" key-ins. All user interface functionality is provided by the application, not the PowerPlatform printing system.

The starting point for this application type is the PrintDescriptionRef class. This is a native code smart pointer providing access to the IPrintDescription interface. The IPrintDescription interface allows you to create a fixed print definition for the currently loaded design file, modify its properties, and print to the selected printer. All activity occurs within the current process and workspace.

The IPrintDescription interface exposes an IPlotter interface. The IPlotter interface is a native-code representation of a printer as defined above. Many properties and methods exposed by IPlotter are not relevant to print submittal applications, but the interface is used to query printer properties such as paper sizes.

Typedef Documentation

typedef RefCountedPtr<PrintDescriptionRef> PrintDescriptionPtr

PrintDescriptionRef smart pointer.

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