Standard dialog items


 Structured Items
 Button Group Items
 Color Chooser Item
 Color Picker Item
 Combo Box Item
 Container and Container Panel Items
 Generic Item
 Group Box Item
 HTML item
 IconPopup Item
 Icon command
 Label Item
 Level Map Item
 List Box Item
 Menu Bar Item
 Multi-line Text Item
 Option Button Item
 Option Pull-down Menu
 Popup Menu Item
 PulldownIconMenu Item
 Push Button Item
 Radio Button Item
 Sash Item
 Scale Item
 Scroll Bar Item
 Seperator Item
 Spin Box Item
 Tab Page
 Tab Page Item
 Tab Page List
 Text Item
 Text Pull-Down Menu
 Toggle Button Item
 ToggleIcon item
 Tool Palettes
 Tree Item

Detailed Description

This chapter discusses the standard dialog box items that are supported by the MicroStation dialog box manager.

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