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StatusInt mdlText_getFontNameListModel (ListModelP *ppListModel, DgnModelRefP modelRef, MSDialog *dbP, UInt32 options)
 Create a list model of the font names. More...

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StatusInt mdlText_getFontNameListModel ( ListModelP *  ppListModel,
DgnModelRefP  modelRef,
MSDialog dbP,
UInt32  options 

Create a list model of the font names.

[in,out]ppListModelThe list model of font names. If this points to a NULL list model pointer, then a new list model is created. If this points to an existing list model, then the fonts are appended to it.
[in]modelRefCurrently this is unused and should be set to ACTIVEMODEL. This function only supports the master file at this time.
[in]dbPThis pointer to a dialog is used to resolve the color for missing fonts it the user preference for missing fonts is set to MISSGFONTS_ENABLE. It can be NULL.
[in]optionsCombination of FONTNAMELISTMODEL_xxx defined in msdefs.h
The list model has 2 columns. The first column contains the font object pointer for resource; the second column is the font name.
Unlike previous version, when using this list model in a combo box, you should NOT call mdlDialog_comboBoxSetAdditionalInfo to set the value column to 1. Set value column index to 0 to make listmodel default search mechanism function properly.
SUCCESS or ERROR if the list model could not be created.

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