Update 8 10.08 Builds

Microstation Connect Update 8 10.08.00.XX Builds

The following methods/functions have been added to this release of the SDK


In BentleyDgn.h

Get the next graphic group number from the DesignFileHeader

Set the next graphic group number in the DesignFileHeader


In DgnTextSnippet.h

Set the category of this snippet.

BentleyStatus DgnTextSnippet::SetCategory (DgnTextSnippetCategoryCR category);

Remove sub-category

BentleyStatus DgnTextSnippetCategory::RemoveSubCategory (WStringCR name);

Add DgnTextSnippetCategory to file

BentleyStatus DgnTextSnippetCategory::Add (DgnFileP fileIn = NULL);

Replace DgnTextSnippetCategory in file

BentleyStatus DgnTextSnippetCategory::Replace (DgnFileP fileIn = NULL);

Deletes a DgnTextSnippetCategory from the file.

BentleyStatus DgnTextSnippetCategory::Delete (DgnFileP fileIn = NULL);

Set the name of this category

BentleyStatus DgnTextSnippetCategory::SetName (WStringCR name);

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