Update 7 10.07 Builds

Microstation Connect Update 7 10.07.00.XX Builds

The following methods/functions have been added to this release of the SDK


In SmartFeatureAPI.h

Add a new smart feature node

SmartFeatureElement::CreateSingleChildSmartFeature (EditElementHandleR newEeh, ElementHandleCR targetEh, DgnModelRefP destinationModelRef, ElementHandleCR oldEh, SmartFeatureNodeR node )


In DgnFile.h

Get a property from a stream in the dgnfile document

DgnFile::GetDocumentProperty ( int* propIDP, WCharCP nameP, int* propType, int streamToUse, void* value)

Set a property on a stream in the dgnfile document

DgnFile::SaveDocumentProperty ( int* propIDP, WCharCP nameP, int propType, int streamToUse, void const* value )

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