Working With Schemas


 Custom Attributes
 Best Practices
 XML Format and Relation to Instance Data
 Considerations When Writing Instance Data

Detailed Description

The business data in an i-model is described by a schema(s) stored with the data in the i-model. This allows for i-models to be self-describing, as well as enables them to be schema independent.

These schemas are similar to standard XML Schema Documents (XSDs), though are of a Bentley specific XML-based format. The schemas and supporting technology provide extended data modeling capabilities needed to support our engineering applications and interoperability strategy.

One of the critical features added is the ability to associate business-level metadata with the classes, relationships and properties. This is accommodated through the use of a new construct referred to herein as custom attributes. These attributes, along with the major constructs of a Bentley schema, are described in this section.

A schema editor (Bentley Class Editor v8i) is provided with the SDK, which is used to author and maintain these schemas. For a more detailed description of the topics covered below, as well as other features supported by Bentley schemas, please refer to the Bentley Class Editor Help documentation.

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