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helpdlog.h File Reference

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struct  helpCommand
struct  helpIndex
struct  xReference
struct  helpArticle


#define __helpdlogH__
#define HELPRSC_ARTICLE   0x48456172 /* 'HEar' */
#define HELPRSC_COMMAND   0x4845636d /* 'HEcm' */
#define HELPRSC_INDEX   0x48456478 /* 'HEdx' */
#define HELPRSC_TOPIC   0x48457470 /* 'HEtp' */
#define RSCID_TASKIDLIST   0x5441534B /* 'TASK' */
#define RSCID_TITLELIST   0x5449544C /* 'TITL' */


typedef struct helpCommand HelpCommand
typedef HelpCommand HelpTopic
typedef struct helpIndex HelpIndex
typedef struct xReference XReference
typedef struct helpArticle HelpArticle

Macro Definition Documentation

#define __helpdlogH__
#define HELPRSC_ARTICLE   0x48456172 /* 'HEar' */
#define HELPRSC_COMMAND   0x4845636d /* 'HEcm' */
#define HELPRSC_INDEX   0x48456478 /* 'HEdx' */
#define HELPRSC_TOPIC   0x48457470 /* 'HEtp' */
#define RSCID_TASKIDLIST   0x5441534B /* 'TASK' */
#define RSCID_TITLELIST   0x5449544C /* 'TITL' */

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct helpArticle HelpArticle
typedef struct helpCommand HelpCommand
typedef struct helpIndex HelpIndex
typedef struct xReference XReference

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