Public API Documentation

Welcome to the reference guide that describes the public APIs to write applications for Bentley's CONNECT Edition Products based on the MstnPlatform. There are number of CONNECT Edition Products based on the MstnPlatform Library. MicroStation CONNECT Edition is one such Product.


The entire API is delivered as a collection of libraries. Each library is described in the Modules section. The major libraries that should be understood in detail are the DgnPlatform Library and the MstnPlatformLibrary. A number of examples that demonstrate use of the API are delivered with the SDK. These examples are also described in the Modules section.


The APIs are contained within the Bentley Namespace. There are nested namespaces within the Bentley Namespace that hold various parts of the API. Refer to the Namespaces section for a list and description of all Namespaces.

Whats New

The section Whats new in the SDK contains version based information on what has changed within the SDK from update to update. Here will be documented any new features added to the SDK or any updated or removed features.

Questions/Problems with the API

If you have questions or problems, the best way to seek help is via the Bentley Communities website. Start with a search to find the latest documentation and/or existing answers. If unable to find information to resolve the issue, consider posting programming questions to the Bentley Communities Programming Forums, or for questions related to the Bentley Developer Network Program to the Bentley Developer Network Group Forum.

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