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 API Introduction
 Advanced API Topics
 Bentley LibraryThe Bentley Library contains typedefs, #defines, constants and code shared by ALL Bentley authored C++ source files
 DgnPlatform LibraryThe DgnPlatform library is used to read and write Design Files
 Design FilesThe DgnFile class is used to access physical files in various formats
 EC Data/Metadata PersistenceThe DgnECManager holds the API for applying ECObjects concepts (ECInstances and ECSchemas) to DgnFiles
 I-modelsThe i-model publish library provides APIs to publish and package i-model
 Database ConnectivityReturns a designated set of versioned rows
 PrintingThe Print API supports various types of printing and publishing applications
 User Interface
 Utility Functions
 Code Samples
 Deprecated API's

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