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ParameterExpressionHandlerId Struct Reference

HandlerId identifying an IParameterExpressionHandler. More...

#include <ParametricModeling.h>

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Public Member Functions

 ParameterExpressionHandlerId ()
 ParameterExpressionHandlerId (UInt16 id)
- Public Member Functions inherited from HandlerId
 HandlerId ()
 HandlerId (UInt16 major, UInt16 minor)
 Define a handler Id. More...
UInt32 GetId () const
 Gets the full 32-bit ID. More...
UInt16 GetMajorId () const
 Gets the major ID portion of the HandlerId. More...
UInt16 GetMinorId () const
 Gets the minor ID portion of the HandlerID. More...
bool operator== (HandlerId const &other) const
 Test two HandlerIds for equality. More...
bool operator!= (HandlerId const &other) const
 Test two HandlerIds for inequality. More...
bool operator< (HandlerId const &other) const
 Test two HandlerIds for relative value. More...
bool IsValid () const
 Test if the HandlerId has a non-zero major Id portion. More...

Additional Inherited Members

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enum  { INVALID_ID =0 }

Detailed Description

HandlerId identifying an IParameterExpressionHandler.

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