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TextStyleOverrideFlags Struct Reference

This structure is not intended to be used directly, and supports file storage. More...

#include <DgnPlatform.r.h>

Public Member Functions

DGNPLATFORM_EXPORT void ComputeLogicalOr (TextStyleOverrideFlags &result, TextStyleOverrideFlags const &rhs) const
 Computes the logical or of two sets of flags. More...
DGNPLATFORM_EXPORT bool AreAnyFlagsSet () const
 True if any flags are set. More...

Public Attributes

UInt16 fontNo:1
UInt16 shxBigFont:1
UInt16 width:1
UInt16 height:1
UInt16 slant:1
UInt16 linespacing:1
UInt16 interCharSpacing:1
UInt16 underlineOffset:1
UInt16 overlineOffset:1
UInt16 just:1
UInt16 nodeJust:1
UInt16 lineLength:1
UInt16 direction:1
UInt16 underline:1
UInt16 overline:1
UInt16 italics:1
UInt16 bold:1
UInt16 superscript:1
UInt16 subscript:1
UInt16 fixedSpacing:1
UInt16 background:1
UInt16 backgroundstyle:1
UInt16 backgroundweight:1
UInt16 backgroundcolor:1
UInt16 backgroundfillcolor:1
UInt16 backgroundborder:1
UInt16 underlinestyle:1
UInt16 underlineweight:1
UInt16 underlinecolor:1
UInt16 overlinestyle:1
UInt16 overlineweight:1
UInt16 overlinecolor:1
UInt16 lineOffset:1
UInt16 fractions:1
UInt16 overlinestyleflag:1
UInt16 underlinestyleflag:1
UInt16 color:1
UInt16 widthFactor:1
UInt16 colorFlag:1
UInt16 fullJustification:1
UInt16 acadLineSpacingType:1
UInt16 backwards:1
UInt16 upsidedown:1
UInt16 acadInterCharSpacing:1
UInt16 reserved:4
UInt16 reserved2:16

Detailed Description

This structure is not intended to be used directly, and supports file storage.

These flags identify every property that an element can override from its text style.

Member Function Documentation

DGNPLATFORM_EXPORT bool AreAnyFlagsSet ( ) const

True if any flags are set.

Reserved bits are included in the operation.

DGNPLATFORM_EXPORT void ComputeLogicalOr ( TextStyleOverrideFlags result,
TextStyleOverrideFlags const &  rhs 
) const

Computes the logical or of two sets of flags.

The result (also the left-hand-side argument) contains true for every flag on in either instance. Reserved bits are included in the operation.

Member Data Documentation

UInt16 acadInterCharSpacing
UInt16 acadLineSpacingType
UInt16 background
UInt16 backgroundborder
UInt16 backgroundcolor
UInt16 backgroundfillcolor
UInt16 backgroundstyle
UInt16 backgroundweight
UInt16 backwards
UInt16 bold
UInt16 color
UInt16 colorFlag
UInt16 direction
UInt16 fixedSpacing
UInt16 fontNo
UInt16 fractions
UInt16 fullJustification
UInt16 height
UInt16 interCharSpacing
UInt16 italics
UInt16 just
UInt16 lineLength
UInt16 lineOffset
UInt16 linespacing
UInt16 nodeJust
UInt16 overline
UInt16 overlinecolor
UInt16 overlineOffset
UInt16 overlinestyle
UInt16 overlinestyleflag
UInt16 overlineweight
UInt16 reserved
UInt16 reserved2
UInt16 shxBigFont
UInt16 slant
UInt16 subscript
UInt16 superscript
UInt16 underline
UInt16 underlinecolor
UInt16 underlineOffset
UInt16 underlinestyle
UInt16 underlinestyleflag
UInt16 underlineweight
UInt16 upsidedown
UInt16 width
UInt16 widthFactor

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