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PlotPenSetup Struct Reference

Plotter pen definition. More...

#include <IPlotter.h>

Public Attributes

unsigned int isColorValid:1
 True if pen color is defined. More...
unsigned int isGrayscale:1
 True if pen prints in grayscale. More...
unsigned int isWidthValid:1
 True if pen width is defined. More...
unsigned int reserved:29
 Reserved for future use. More...
RgbaColorDef color
 Pen color. More...
double widthMM
 Pen width in millimeters. More...
double screen
 Pen screening factor. More...

Detailed Description

Plotter pen definition.

Member Data Documentation

RgbaColorDef color

Pen color.

unsigned int isColorValid

True if pen color is defined.

unsigned int isGrayscale

True if pen prints in grayscale.

unsigned int isWidthValid

True if pen width is defined.

unsigned int reserved

Reserved for future use.

double screen

Pen screening factor.

double widthMM

Pen width in millimeters.

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