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ScriptAnimationParameters Struct Reference

Defines the parameters of script animation. More...

#include <AnimationModel.h>

Public Attributes

double m_beginFrameParameter
double m_endFrameParameter
double m_frameParameter
double m_tSecondsParameter
double m_tSecondsSequenceParameter
double m_piParameter
double m_maxFrameParameter
double m_minFrameParameter
double m_pathLengthParameter
double m_beginSequenceParameter
double m_endSequenceParameter
double m_sequenceLengthParameter

Detailed Description

Defines the parameters of script animation.

Member Data Documentation

double m_beginFrameParameter
double m_beginSequenceParameter
double m_endFrameParameter
double m_endSequenceParameter
double m_frameParameter
double m_maxFrameParameter
double m_minFrameParameter
double m_pathLengthParameter
double m_piParameter
double m_sequenceLengthParameter
double m_tSecondsParameter
double m_tSecondsSequenceParameter

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