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FileInfoFolderHistory Struct Reference

#include <deffiles.h>

Public Member Functions

void Clear ()
size_t Count ()
void Add (DgnFolderMonikerPtr m)
void Add (WCharCP folder)
bool Remove (DgnFolderMonikerPtr m)
bool Remove (WCharCP folder)
DgnFolderMonikerPtr GetMoniker (size_t index)
BeFileName GetFileName (size_t index)

Member Function Documentation

void Add ( DgnFolderMonikerPtr  m)
void Add ( WCharCP  folder)
void Clear ( )

Referenced by FileInfoHistory::Clear().

size_t Count ( )
BeFileName GetFileName ( size_t  index)
DgnFolderMonikerPtr GetMoniker ( size_t  index)
bool Remove ( DgnFolderMonikerPtr  m)
bool Remove ( WCharCP  folder)

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