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HttpError Struct Reference

#include <HttpError.h>

Inheritance diagram for HttpError:

Public Member Functions

 HttpError ()
 HttpError (Response httpResponse)
 HttpError (ConnectionStatus connectionStatus, HttpStatus httpStatus)
ConnectionStatus GetConnectionStatus () const
HttpStatus GetHttpStatus () const
virtual Utf8String GetDisplayMessage () const
 DEPRECATED - use GetMessage() More...
virtual BEHTTP_EXPORT Utf8String GetDisplayDescription () const
 DEPRECATED - use GetDescription() More...

Static Public Member Functions

static BEHTTP_EXPORT Utf8String GetConnectionErrorDisplayMessage (ConnectionStatus connectionStatus)
static BEHTTP_EXPORT Utf8String GetHttpDisplayMessage (HttpStatus httpStatus)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

HttpError ( )
HttpError ( Response  httpResponse)
HttpError ( ConnectionStatus  connectionStatus,
HttpStatus  httpStatus 

Member Function Documentation

static BEHTTP_EXPORT Utf8String GetConnectionErrorDisplayMessage ( ConnectionStatus  connectionStatus)
ConnectionStatus GetConnectionStatus ( ) const
virtual BEHTTP_EXPORT Utf8String GetDisplayDescription ( ) const

DEPRECATED - use GetDescription()

virtual Utf8String GetDisplayMessage ( ) const

DEPRECATED - use GetMessage()

static BEHTTP_EXPORT Utf8String GetHttpDisplayMessage ( HttpStatus  httpStatus)
HttpStatus GetHttpStatus ( ) const

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