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RawItemHdr Struct Reference

RawItemHdr structure - contains info usually specified in item resources and other item type specific info. More...

#include <dlogitem.h>

Public Member Functions

virtual bool _CanDisplay ()

Public Attributes

void * userDataP
CharP accessStrP
Point2d labelPt
BSIRect itemRect
UInt32 helpInfo
UInt32 helpSource
RscId synonymsId
UShort highlightOn:1
UShort informMotion:1
UShort focusOutSetState:1
UShort commandSource:1
UShort prevNoMotionItem:1
UShort prevMotionItem:1
UShort numPadKey:1
UShort unused:1
UShort dropSource:1
UShort dropTarget:1
UShort layoutItem:1
UShort unused2:6
void * pHookList
UInt64 itemHookArg
MSDialogP ownerDialogP
DialogItemP diP
RawItemHdrP parentRiP
long itemHookId
int mnemonic
int mneIndex
int nColorPs
BSIColorDescr ** colorsPP
BSIRect traversalRect
MdlDescP ownerMD
CommandNumber commandNumber
WCharP commandTaskIdP
WCharP unparsedP
UInt32 ulSignature
RawItemHdrP childFocusRiP
void * pChildList
WCharP rscOwnerTaskIdP
CharP dbAccessStrP
void * dbAuxInfoP
long dbPageNumber
void * appData1P
void * appData2P
void * appData3P
void * appData4P
void * appData5P
RawItemHdrP originalParent
int labelFontIndex
RawItemHdrP rightClickPopupMenu
RawItemHdrP ownerRiP
UInt32 attributesExt
WStringP labelString
WStringP flyoverString
WStringP balloonString
WStringP disabledBalloonString
WStringP popupMenuString
WCharP pName
RawItemHdrP linkedLabelP
GuiLayoutControlP layoutControlP
GuiLayoutPropertiesP layoutPropertiesP
int positionalKeystroke

Detailed Description

RawItemHdr structure - contains info usually specified in item resources and other item type specific info.

Do not instantiate. Pointers to this structure are provided by messages, functions and methods.

Member Function Documentation

virtual bool _CanDisplay ( )

Member Data Documentation

CharP accessStrP

access str to application variable

void* appData1P

ExtAttrs - appData1-5

void* appData2P
void* appData3P
void* appData4P
void* appData5P
UInt32 attributesExt

Extended attributes from EXTINTATTR_ITEMATTRS in extendedIntAttributes

WStringP balloonString

balloon help value; override with balloon= auxInfo

RawItemHdrP childFocusRiP

Child who has focus

BSIColorDescr** colorsPP

Colors unique to the item

CommandNumber commandNumber

Command number fired off for this item

UShort commandSource

true means local cmd, false=ustn cmd

WCharP commandTaskIdP

Task Id for the command number

CharP dbAccessStrP

Data base access string

void* dbAuxInfoP

Aux info for database hooks

long dbPageNumber

pageNumber – database hooks

DialogItemP diP

Associated DialogItem

WStringP disabledBalloonString

balloon help value for disabled tool; override with disabledBalloon= auxInfo

UShort dropSource

Drag & Drop Source

UShort dropTarget

Drag & Drop Target

WStringP flyoverString

flyover value (on neutral motion events); override with flytext= auxInfo

UShort focusOutSetState

A focus out should cause auto-setState

UInt32 helpInfo

Item help

UInt32 helpSource

Help file indicator

UShort highlightOn

Highlight state

UShort informMotion

Not supported all items

DialogItemHandlerInfo* itemHandlerP

Item handler/control logic

UInt64 itemHookArg

Resource defined argument to hook function

long itemHookId

Hook Id

BSIRect itemRect

Item specific rectangle

int labelFontIndex

Label font index for item

Point2d labelPt

Position of label

WStringP labelString

Item's label

GuiLayoutControlP layoutControlP

Host LayoutControl;

See also
UShort layoutItem

Layout item to be interpreted

GuiLayoutPropertiesP layoutPropertiesP

Layout properties gathered from the item resource data;

See also
RawItemHdrP linkedLabelP

Label item linked to this item

int mneIndex

Index of the mnemonic within the label

int mnemonic

Character value used as the mnemonic

int nColorPs

Number of colors defined in colorsPP

UShort numPadKey

Position mapping key is from the number pad

RawItemHdrP originalParent

Parent item that loaded/created the item

MSDialogP ownerDialogP

Owner MSDialog

MdlDescP ownerMD

Owning MdlDesc

RawItemHdrP ownerRiP

Owning item of this item

RawItemHdrP parentRiP

Parent RawItemHdr

void* pChildList

List of child items - Use mdlDialog_rItemChild functions to process this list

void* pHookList

List of item hooks

WCharP pName

Name from the EXTATTR_ITEMNAME attribute

WStringP popupMenuString

Value displayed in the PopupMenu for enabling/disabling; override with popupMenuText= auxInfo

int positionalKeystroke

Positional Keyboard Navigation keystroke used to invoke

UShort prevMotionItem

Item must send clear before destroy

UShort prevNoMotionItem

Item must send clear before destroy

RawItemHdrP rightClickPopupMenu

Extended Attr – popup menu for right-click

WCharP rscOwnerTaskIdP

Task which owns this item's resources

RscId synonymsId

Id of synonyms resource

BSIRect traversalRect

The traversal, or focus, rectangle - internal use only

UInt32 ulSignature

Signature for a RawItemHdr

WCharP unparsedP

Command parameter passed to the command

UShort unused
UShort unused2
void* userDataP

For use by Item Hooks

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