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Response Struct Reference

#include <HttpResponse.h>

Public Member Functions

 Create invalid response with ConnectionStatus::None. More...
BEHTTP_EXPORT Response (HttpResponseContentPtr responseData, Utf8CP effectiveUrl, ConnectionStatus connectionStatus, HttpStatus httpStatus)
 Create response. More...
Utf8String GetEffectiveUrl () const
HttpBodyCR GetBody () const
HttpResponseHeadersCR GetHeaders () const
HttpResponseContentPtr GetContent ()
ConnectionStatus GetConnectionStatus () const
HttpStatus GetHttpStatus () const
bool IsSuccess () const

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Create invalid response with ConnectionStatus::None.

BEHTTP_EXPORT Response ( HttpResponseContentPtr  responseData,
Utf8CP  effectiveUrl,
ConnectionStatus  connectionStatus,
HttpStatus  httpStatus 

Create response.

Member Function Documentation

HttpBodyCR GetBody ( ) const
ConnectionStatus GetConnectionStatus ( ) const
HttpResponseContentPtr GetContent ( )
Utf8String GetEffectiveUrl ( ) const
HttpResponseHeadersCR GetHeaders ( ) const
HttpStatus GetHttpStatus ( ) const
bool IsSuccess ( ) const

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