Visual Indicators

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Visual Indicators

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The Indicators option toggles the display of additional information in the 3D Window. The Indicators option is available in both 3D View Properties>General and the 3D Window Context Menu.

·The Axis Indicator displays the direction of the 3 axes, X,Y,Z using
oBlue for X,
oGreen for Y, and
oRed for Z.

The positive and negative X,Y,Z values are indicated by the axis direction arrow, where the arrow direction indicates positive values.

(The Axis Indicator can be replaced by a View Cube Manipulatar via 3D->Display Settings)

·The Grid displays by default at height of 0 (zero) on the Z axis and, in effect, represents the XY plane. The colour, height and cell step of the major and minor grid lines can be specified in Navigator->Grids

·The Legend option displays the Resource Appearance Profiles, Resource Statuses, Resource Code colours, or Company Colours depending on the 3D Colour Mode
·The Legend can be customised in 3D View Properties>Legend

·The 3D Paths option displays any 3D Paths that have been created

·The Focus Time option displays the current Focus Time and Date and optionally the project week and/or month number. The display settings are controlled in 3D View Properties>General>Indicators>Focus Time

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