Playing an Animation

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Playing an Animation

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Playing an Animation

Once an animation has key frames added to it, the animation can be played back.

In the Animation Editor Window the Focus position can be changed either by left-clicking in the Animation Editor Window time line ruler or by selecting Play: (with Play Animations: active) in the Play Ribbon

To Step Through Animation Manually

In the Animation Editor Window left-click on the Focus position marker

NOTE:Focus Position marker will play only to the end of the current animation, the focus time position cannot be positioned beyond the position of the last Key Frame.

To Playback Animation Automatically

1.From the Play Ribbon select Play Animations:
2. With Play Animations selected, select Play: to play the animation.
3.The animation can be paused or stopped by selecting Stop:
4.The animation can be resumed at any time by selecting Play: again

Animation Play Speed

Animation play speed defaults to Real time (SYNCHRO will attempt to play an animation at the selected speed, which can be affected by the 3D Window updating)

To change the Animation Play Speed, select Play->Animation Speed and select from the available options in the drop-down menu.

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