Basic Concepts

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Basic Concepts

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Basic Concepts

The SYNCHRO Client is delivered as a Windows-based application that is installed onto a user’s desktop - in this respect it is similar to other project management tools such as Microsoft Project or Asta Powerproject.

The main features that the SYNCHRO Client provides are as follows:

·Task based activity planning
·Resource management
·3D information integrated with planning information (4D planning)
·Risk Management
·Task and Resource Costs
·Rich Baselining functionality
·Collaborative environment (with the addition of the SYNCHRO Server)
·In-built, role-based security

The screen layout of the SYNCHRO Client can be customised to a great extent and so some of the views listed above may not be apparent all of the time

Additionally, The SYNCHRO Client can operate in one of two distinct modes:-

·Private Project – where the project information is stored on your computer.
·Workgroup (Shared) Project – where the SYNCHRO Client becomes a true client application, connecting to a remote SYNCHRO Server (sold separately).
When changes are made to the project, they are transmitted (over any internet- based network) to the server, which stores these changes to a central database while also transmitting the change out to other connected clients to facilitate collaborative working
The SYNCHRO Server is discussed in greater detail later in this manual..

The tutorials will refer to the different windows and menus that exist in the SYNCHRO Workspace. A brief overview of these is presented in the next section…

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