Bentley MicroStation: Frequently Asked Questions

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Bentley MicroStation: Frequently Asked Questions

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Bentley MicroStation: Frequently Asked Questions

Q.What Elements can be exported to a SYNCHRO Project (sp) File?


MicroStation element:

SYNCHRO element:

3D entity

3D entity


3D entity ( root nodes )

Named Group



User Field

Element Property

User Field

Q.How do I access Levels in MicroStation>
A.In MicroStation, go to Tools->Levels->Levels Manager
Select "All Levels" to display the available levels, including those within x-referenced files...
Q.A MicroStation file many contain multiple models. How do I switch between them?
A.In MicroStation, go to File->Models, then double-click on the model you want to display in MicroStation.
Q.How do I access X-References?
A.In MicroStation, go to Tools->References->References. This will display the Reference Manager dialog listing all external or internal model references.
Q.How do I access Named Groups?
A.In MicroStation, go to Utilities->Named Groups.
·Use the "Add to Displayset" command to isolate objects into selected groups in the 3D view.
·Use the "Clear Displayset" command to clear a selection group.

You can also drag-and-drop selected 3D elements to add them to a Named Group...

Q.How do I access Tags?
A.In MicroStation, go to Element->Tags->Define
MicroStation Tags should be grouped into Tag Sets
Q.How do I Tag a 3D Element?
A.In MicroStation, go to Tools->Text->Tags->Attach Tags. Newly created tag elements will be displayed in the Element Information as children of the 3D element.
Q.How do I measure distance in MicroStation ?
A.In MicroStation, Use Tools->Measure->Measure Distance. The result is displayed in separate Measure Distance dialog
Q.How to make geometry rendered as shaded in 3D view ?
A.Press the top left icon in 3D View window and change “Display Style”

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