Warning: Unselectable Geometry

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Warning: Unselectable Geometry

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Warning: Unselectable Geometry

Issue:During an Import or 3D Synchronisation operation in SYNCHRO, you may see the following warning message:

Warning: unselectable geometry found. New node [<node details>] has been created to fix this

Where "<<Node Details>>" will be replaced by a specific node name
Solution:When SYNCHRO reads a 3D file it treats it as a “Tree” of leaves and branches; the leaves being the 3D elements (this is the tree you see in the 3D Objects Window)
If we encounter a 3D element that is NOT on a leaf, we move it - creating a NEW leaf in the process - and issue the warning; because:
1.Such an arrangement is unusual and may point to an underlying issue in the original 3D file
2.SYNCHRO would not be able to determine what is being selected in the existing structure - the node 3D elements, its child elements or both.

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